Turn any drink into a Sports Drink

Turn any drink into a sport drink

Tired of:

  • nausea inducing sugary sports drinks?
  • supposedly “natural” sweeteners that leave an awful taste in your mouth?
  • sticky residue that forms mould in your hydration pack?
  • struggling with stomach cramps in the event you trained for all year ?

2.5ml of elete in each litre of water gives all the electrolytes (including magnesium), and trace minerals you need, with no sugar and nothing artificial. There really is nothing better or more economical that you can use.

Sergeant Ray Ealdama, Afghan National Police Mentor, Rcmp International Peace Operations, Camp Nathan Smith- Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team
Kandahar, Afghanistan

This past summer in Kandahar was particularly hot. It was not uncommon for the temperatures to reach as high as 60+ Celsius (140+ F), with a daily average being mid 50+C (130+ F). Coupled with the fact that our members and soldiers were wearing and carrying well 60-75 pounds of equipment and weapons. The stifling heat was certainly enough to make any endeavour an exercise of pain and discomfort.

Further to this, our area of operation experienced a shortage of water supplements. Both CivPol members and soldiers were rationed in their supplement usage, to only be distributed to elements “leaving and working outside the wire”. The receipt of elete supplement packets at the height of the summer season, was an unexpected but welcome surprise.

I know that you probably receive many letters of thanks, from soldiers and civilian personnel working in the two theatres of conflict, Afghanistan and Iraq. But I wanted to add my personalRead More …..

Tracy & Lanny Barnes Olympic Biathletes

Lanny (U.S. Champion) and Tracy (3rd Place, U.S. Nationals) Barnes, Olympian biathletes, North American and U.S. National Championship:elete™ Electrolyte Add-In has been a huge contributing factor to our success. Your body needs the important electrolytes elete™ has to perform and compete at a high level. Not only are elete™ electrolytes important in racing, but training as well. It helps to keep our muscles from cramping during exercise as well as speeds recovery by replenishing important electrolytes. With the demanding training and racing schedule we have in a biathlon, we use elete™ electrolytes to keep us performing at our best.Read More …..